A Hot Day At The Beach 2020

The first Summer of Covid. After several months of tight restrictions, Government relaxed the rules in late May, so that people were allowed to leave home for ‘outdoor recreation, provided they do not stay out overnight’. Crowds descended on the countryside and beaches across the country, encouraged by warm weather. The Photographs in this set were taken on one day in late July.

Thrift Trail September 2020

As some restrictions eased in the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Saltburn Community Response organised a series of ‘Jumble trails’ in which residents were encouraged to participate in a mass ‘yard sale’. The September trail was titled the Thrift Trail, as it occurred when the annual Festival of Thrift was cancelled. It was a great success for the community. Roving entertainment was provided by Whippet Up.


On a Sunday morning in October 2010- a meeting of Saltburn Scooter club was arranged on the pier. It turned out that the weather was awful- wet and cold. But this made for good photography due to the reflections on the wet decking. On a more clement day the previous year, I met the chap with the red Vespa outside what was then the Gym on Milton Street.

The Top Promenade/ Marine Parade 2020-21

Marine parade is the seafront road that bounds the north side of Saltburn. Whilst the beach has its own attractions the top promenade offers stunning views. Lockdowns permitting, it is the spot for Trillos Ice Cream van, public gardens, and viewpoints. On the anniversary of the first lockdown, yellow ribbons were tied to the railings at the spot overlooking the pier, in memory of those lost to the pandemic over the previous year.

The Euros 2020

Postponed until 2021. Came so far in Europe, only to lose it all at the very end. No, not Brexit, the European Football championship competition. The town was draped in flags everywhere, though ominously with a view was of a rail line going nowhere. Then in pubs and clubs all over the country, including here at Saltburn Cricket club, the ecstasy and the agony.

Saltburn Against Sewage 06/11/2021

This was a global day of action against climate change. Locally, along the coast from Saltburn to Redcar, dead crabs and molluscs had been turning up in their thousands on the beaches. The cause is still unknown. Meanwhile, government voted against compelling water companies to stop dumping raw sewage into the sea, overturning the previous EU directives. Another result for Brexit! Local MPs voted in favour of continuing the pollution. Here are some photos showing the protest at Saltburn Pier.